My first recollections of having worked with metal, emanate from early on in my childhood, as I recall assisting my father in sanding and polishing an aluminum part on a BSA chopper he was building when I was 5 years old. I was fascinated with the simple prospect of how something so scratched and dull could be transformed into a smooth and gleaming work of art. My mechanical skills were acquired from my father.

I am certain that my mother's artistic abilities also influenced the creative side of my sculpting endeavors. She possesses a command of colors, shapes and textures, allowing her to excel in interior decorating. She always managed to view objects from a perspective different from that of mine and would suggest trying other techniques or colors.

Perhaps a stretch, but I sometimes can't help but ponder the possibility of having been privied to a few of the artistic genes inherent within the infamous Basaldella brothers of Friuli, Italy. Dino, Mirko and Afro were internationally renowned metal and stone sculptors. All have long since passed; however, their avant-garde art can still be viewed abroad.

A strong passion for manipulating metals by employing various techniques began to materialize only a few short years ago. I suppose this can be attributed to having grown weary of working with metal within the automotive industry for several years. Daily tasks became mundane and devoid of creative freedom. I began to search for ways to draw upon the artistic elements that had been simmering within my soul and combine them with metalworking skills I had acquired over the years. Metal sculpting became the clear choice.

I continuously strive to learn new techniques for forming and shaping metal. I have a strong affinity for the old-world methods utilized by skilled blacksmiths and old-world craftsmen. I often enjoy creating cutting-edge art by implementing basic tools and techniques from bygone eras. My fascination with techniques is prevalent in my work. Many pieces are a showcase; representing my continuous experimentation with components and methodologies utilized in the patination and texturing of metals. I aspire to expand my repertoire of skills and create beautiful sculpture for all to enjoy!

- Dino