Iron Gate Designs


A client has requested a garden gate with an oak tree motif. The gate needs to be relatively simple, as the client has a stated a specific budget for project. Therefore, I will strive to produce a few designs that have a lot of visual impact, but hopefully not will not be too labor intensive to create.

oak tree garden gate

This particular sketch is the first of a total of three proposed designs. It is a departure from what one might expect to see in terms of a garden gate. In this design, I propose to integrate the oak tree into the outter framework of the gate, thereby making the tree part of the support structure and eliminating the "box" look.

The oak tree will be sketched upon .125 plate steel and the cut out with my plasma torch. The curved end pieces will probably be 1/4" x 2" flat bar, drawn-out and scrolled on the ends, then attached to round tube uprights capped with steel ball finials.

oak tree garden gate

This is the second of the three designs. As you can see, this design is relatively basic and more traditional, in the sense that I would simply attach the silouette of the oak tree to a standard square picket framework. I would like use two colors when applying the powder coat finish (e.g. one color for the framework and a contrasting color for the oak tree).

oak tree garden gate

Art Nouveau influence is prominent in the third and final design for the proposed garden gate. This curvilinear form, integrates varying sizes of round bar stock with a "tree bark" effect (I purchase it that way - much more cost effective). After drawing and tapering the ends, I will endeavor to heat and form the radiuses to my full scale shop drawing. I propose to hand-patina the leaves for added character and contrast to the branches.

I believe that this is my personal favorite, however, it is by far the most labor-intensive of the three designs. Which do you like? Let me know here: Project Blog

It has just been brought to my attention, that the client's Home Owners Association will not approve any of the designs. Apparently, they feel that the iron gate designs represent too much of a departure from their current "theme" and had concerns that other members may begin to install objects at will - but doesn't the H.O.A. have the final say? I am actually quite surprised that they did not approve the second design, as it is very basic and understated. Oh well...

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