I create functional and unique metal art in the form of both manual and automated Iron Gates, as well as garden gates & garden sculpture.

If you are considering the addition of an iron gate for your residence or perhaps a special garden gate or metal sculpture for your private oasis, please have a look at some of my work in the Iron Gates and Metal Sculpture galleries. I think you will discover some very unique and refreshing examples of iron gates and metal art.

Regardless of whether you currently have a wrought iron gate design in-hand and are prepared to move forward or you need assistance in merging your vision with reality - I will be happy to guide you through the process on both counts.

I reside in Northern, CA and will gladly deliver and install your new wrought iron gate, garden gate or yard art if you live in the area. Do you reside far away and have concerns about working with me over distance? No problem! I will ship to your home or project site. And, to further ease your concerns, please read the most recent Testimonial I received from a client over 2,000 miles away!

Contacting me is simple. Just fill out the Contact form and I will reply within a day! I look forward to speaking with you and hearing about your ideas for your new iron gate or garden gate!

- Dino

home gate photo

Wild Gates is dedicated in loving memory of my Boxer and friend
"Vinnie" who was always by my side through every project.