Garden Gate


garden gate

I took a piece of bar stock that I had utilized for some of the larger vine material and formed a gate latch from it; first, by heating and slightly drawing-out one end, then, by heating and forming a right angle bend and attaching a steel ball. I located a couple of pieced of molly tubing which fit the bar stock quite nicely, and welded those to the gate to act as guides for the latch. A strategically placed spot weld was all that was needed to prevent the latch from sliding all the way out of the guides. Now, the client will simply drill a hole in the wooden pergola post for the latch to pin to mesh with. A locking mechanism was not an issue in this case.

garden gate

A photo depicting the gate after the patinas have been applied. I won't go into the details in regards to which patina solutions were utilized or how they were applied. Suffice to say, it is a lengthy process, requiring patience and a little luck! The gate is going into the photographer's studio later this week, so I will post a nice photo of it soon!

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